9 Bedroom Decor Tips From Top Designers

9 Bedroom Decor Tips From Top Designers

Thinking about redecorating your bedroom?

It’s definitely worth it.

During your lifetime, you’re likely to spend an average of 26 years sleeping. That’s a lot of time to spend in your bedroom.

Make the most-used room in your house your favorite by changing your color scheme, furniture, and artwork. Use these nine tips from the pros to make your bedroom the place you look forward to waking up in every morning.

1. Give Your Room Some Color

Top New York designer Kelly Wearstler urges clients not to be afraid of color. “Living without color is like living without love,” she wrote in an article for My Domain. Wearstler suggests taking your color palette from your wardrobe. If you love to wear certain colors of clothing and jewelry, you’ll likely be comfortable with those colors in your bedroom.

2. Use Paint to Mimic Light

Dark bedrooms aren’t very inviting. California-based designer Caitlin Moran told House Beautiful magazine that she uses paint to add light to a room. The trick is to use a slightly lighter version of the wall color on the ceiling.

3. Mix Traditional with Modern

According to New York designer Miles Redd, “If you’re a modernist, you need one traditional thing and if you’re a traditionalist, you need one modern thing.” Mixing styles will give your room depth. A slightly eclectic feel can also make your room more interesting.

4. Don’t Be Too Quick to Follow Trends

Irish designer Suzie McAdam encourages clients not to hop on the trend bandwagon too quickly. “Trend pieces don’t always stand the test of time,” says McAdam. Instead, look for timeless pieces that won’t look outdated in a few years, such as a well-made headboard and classic bedside tables.

5. Add a Lounge Area

On their website, HGTV recently featured 10 Bedroom Retreats from Canadian designer Candice Olson. One thing that made these rooms more than just bedrooms was the addition of relaxing seating areas. Even if your bedroom is small, you can add a comfy chair to the corner of the room for a peaceful area to read or just relax.

6. Make the Most of Your View

In an article for houzz.com, architect Dylan Chappell suggests taking your view into consideration when placing furniture. Make a great window the focal point of your room. You can do this by framing the window in attractive drapes and by leaving the space in front of the window free from clutter.

7. Add Some Layers

World-renowned English designer Kelly Hoppen advises bringing in many textures and layers of fabric to your bedroom. “Changing bedspreads and cushions can be the quickest and easiest way to transform the look and mood of the bedroom,” Hoppen says. Textures can also convey the mood of the room; whether it be luxurious, exotic, or warm and comfortable.

8. Less Can Be More

Interior designer Kendall Wilkinson advises moving toward minimalism. Cutting clutter out of your bedroom can help it become a relaxing oasis to dream in. Black and white is a classic minimalist color scheme, but you can make a room of any color more simplistic by sticking to classic lines. Keep furniture simple, and make space to store clutter.

9. Make the Space Your Own

Designer and television personality Thom Filicia says following design rules is less important than making the space tell your individual story. Choose artwork, furniture, and accent pieces that make you happy, not what you think others would find appealing. More than any other room in your house, the bedroom is the room you should most allow to speak to you.

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